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Best And Worst Internet 2008

Purple FlowerSkyway Security Insurance has rated the top five best and top five worst internet activities in 2008. Top Worst…. 5) Search Engine Lists: While this helps find certain retail items or information many things are not helpful in this type of search. Quality of products, finding trusted people for services, lack of creativity in advertising and costs all make this the worst of the internet. 4)Yellow Page web-sites: These sites are not local based. Traditional yellow books are distributed in local communities. On-line yellow book is a free for all for any business that wants to advertise in the area. This is not helpful in easily finding local businesses and services. The opportunity to rate businesses is unchecked by a third party like Better Business Bureau. 3)Phishing: Many people have been duped by the phishing schemes. Some seem so real that even the most internet savy person can get tricked. 2)Businesses that are only web-page based: Watch out for businesses that are only web-based. They can literally disappear overnight and there is no accountability since no one can find the people who built them. 1) Blogging: Blogging on news and other sites is the number one worst of the internet. This is an opportunity to express the worst feelings and the fiercest complaints in an anonymous manner. The anonyminity encourages a negative downward spiral of thinking or caring. This can alarm others. This activity may be causing problems for our economy since those same bloggers are our neighbors, employees, employers and people that give us service. Traditional editorials are fielded by professional journalist that require a name. We believe this is a better choice. Top Best…. 5) Ease of doing work: For many workers the internet is making jobs easier, more convenient and more satisfying which is the best of the internet. 4) Building a web-site for your business: Web-sites help answer many questions. Most people check out the web-site of businesses they patronize. This helps people bookmark the business, get directions and find the hours of the business so they do not have to write so much stuff down or make as many calls. 3) Email vs Telephone: Email has become as acceptable as a telephone call when contacting family, friends and business associates. While talking in person will always be a good idea email is now accepted as good communication. People are busy and emails get the message moving forward. 2) Information covenience: The information on the web is complete “libertad” for people. Information is no longer difficult to obtain for most personal needs. While one must beware of false information most of our daily needs in locating directions and researching businesses and/or hobbies is a new day for America! 1) Social Networking like Facebook: The number one best of the internet is socializing. Americans lead busy lives and socializing is so important. High quality sites help people stay in touch while protecting privacy. Choose friends carefully to stay safe and get the most out of the web-site. Choose friends you would meet in person if there was more time in a day. People of all ages are enjoying these web-sites. The worst activities are created from the anonymous internet. People will always like the personal touch and to know who is behind the message. An anonymous lifestyle is not the best choice and may cause problems for everyone. The best activities are enhancements to our daily lives. Things people would do normally with much greater ease and satisfaction. A chance to visit with family and friends more often. Life is Good – Enjoy the wonderful Internet!